Possible Actualities

2016, ongoing

Possible Actualities is a series of video animation that put an inanimate oblique painting in the state movement to take on the tension between series of dichotomy­ static and in motion, planar and oblique, open and close, solid and surface, deep and shallow, etcetera. The suprematist paintings of El Lissitzky are material expressions of something that is not necessarily present elsewhere and does not necessarily exist before its representation. It functions as a container that can embody existing as well as nonexistent things. We can easily manipulate them because you know that something is there, but you don’t know what it is, where exactly it is coming from, and what is going to be. All the two-dimensional forms are an indication of infinite potentials. By separating their forms from the worlds of sign and symbols and seeing them just as visual graphics, they become multiplied. All the shapes can attribute or adopt different kinds of formal or spatial qualities to represent or imitate something which didn’t exist prior to the representation.