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Nikzi Book Shop


Location: Tehran, Gheytarieh district

Size: 44.3 m²

Status: Proposal

Within the Nikzi Book Shop’s existing space, we proposed a new interior to create an unexpected spatial continuity and discontinuity. The shop’s sequential space is disconnected by walls but integrated through colors, textures, doors, and windows. The center of the shop is distracted by twin semi-circles, which are dislocated in opposition. There are two corridors in the space, connecting the building’s interior with its exterior, one with doors and the other with windows. On the book shop’s exterior, the figuration of the interior space cuts through the existing façade of the building, flaunting its contrast to the façade’s planarity. Strollers see a ramp with handrails welcoming them towards the building from the street, but they do not see any door to enter. The entrance of the book shop is hidden, attracting the curiosity of visitors.

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