Feb 2020

mershandlee exhibited the Misfit Qualities at the IARC Show 2020, in the Junge Talstation, Innsbruck, 11-13 March.


Jan 2020


Dec 2019

The Drawings of HyperCity Frankfurt published in the Collective City: 2019 Seoul Biennale Of Architecture And Urbanism.

Nov 2019

Science City project has been published in the SAC journal, n.5 <Zero Piranesi>.

Oct 2019

mershandlee commissioned to propose a new interior space for the Nikzi Book Shop in Tehran, Gheytarieh district.

Sept 2019

Jun 2019

mershandlee commissioned to propose a kitchen for a Family's house in Tehran, Shahrak Gharb district.

Jun 2019

plan 3.jpg
plan 2.jpg