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Micromega as discrete interpretations (Science City) 


This project proposes an understanding of the spatial dimensions of the Micromega series of drawings by Daniel Libeskind to identify projective and pictorial aspects of the drawings and understand it's operative potentials. This project was never meant to study Micromegas through what Libeskind claimed about it but rather to explore the comparisons and differences that have been made to the series. The operative potentials of Micromegas, such as different Cartesian coordinate systems, shallow pictorial depth, formal fragmentation, multiplied layering, indexicality, etc., referencing into a chronological before. 
Also, overlapping these operative potentials creates tension between a series of antagonism –foreground and background, surface and solid, open and close, behind and front, shallow and deep, scaled and scaleless, continuous and discrete, and several others. Later, these conflicts were translated into the design of the project.

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