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Micromega as discrete interpretations (Science City) 


This project takes on the issue of parallel projection, not as a documentation technique, but to question it as an aesthetic problem. There is always a desire to imagine what is behind a parallel projection drawing. It constantly shifts between foreground and background, making it impossible to determine any single fixed viewpoint in relation to the plane of projection. It involves some optical illusions; therefore, there are several ways of converting a drawing from one state into another. As a result of this constant flicker, we realize the objects change depending on the qualities they are attributed to.

Also, parallel projection creates a tension between series of antagonism –foreground and background, surface and solid, open and close, behind and front, shallow and deep, scaled and scaleless, continuous and discrete, implied and explicit, and several others. This project challenges these tensions by flattening the negotiation between the ground and the objects. Micromega as discrete interpretations was not an attempt to overcome the abstraction caused by parallel projection but actually to intensify it.